Gacha Life Mobile

The best game for your mobile device is Gacha Life for sure. Well, all in all, this is a perfect option for every anime-fan. Is there anything more amazing and thrilling than having a chance to create your own anime-style story? Well, now you are welcome to do so. In this game, you are an author and the only creator. The idea is to create anime-style heroes and make them interact in a story. Both characters set and story are yours. Everything starts with character maker. Here you will see a flexible creator where various clothes and other elements of appearance can be tried and picked. Dresses, shorts, trousers, skirts, as well as hats, ears, and other accessories can be added in any quantity. The process of making is incredibly interesting and you will be able to try different options here.

When you are done with characters, move to the other mode called Studio. There you will create scenes that will happen to your characters. There are different backgrounds to choose from – whether a school or a parallel fantastic universe, the choice is yours. Then you are welcome to check the third mode called Life. Here you will meet other players and their creations! The best thing is that you have numerous interaction options, including chat and item exchange. There are also various small puzzles and games you can try out. As you can see, Gacha Life is incredibly diverse, especially for a mobile game! It combines everything you like so much. From anime-styled characters drawn in a very cute and nice style, to incredible amount of customization options. Dress them to the latest Japanese street fashion or choose the clothes that remind of well-known heroes from the existing anime titles. You can combine various clothes and styles and enjoy twenty different slots. So the amount of creative options is nearly endless, you have to see them all! Call your friends and create your own anime universe now!

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