Gacha Life

Sometimes, you feel like you need an alternative world to have some fun and rest. Indeed, anime fans do know that 3D reality is never as interesting as 2D environment of amazing Japanese cartoons. So if you have been treating yourself by the anime shows looking for some way to escape the dull and boring everyday life, then we have something no less great for you. Or maybe even greater, because now you won’t be a watcher only. Now you are going to try yourself as a story-writer, character-designer, and a real god of anime. Gacha Life is a perfect source of creativity, ideas, and socialization. Here you will find thousands of opportunities that will allow you to make your own comic story, a visual novel, that features the characters created by you.

You and your Gacha Life character

The process starts with a character maker. If you have played similar games before, games where you need to choose various elements of your hero, then this is the most advanced and developed one for sure. The proposed options here are diverse. You can create a cute cat-girl with sleepy eyes and sad expression. You are welcome to make a real naughty demon with red eyes and black wings. Make yourself an angel, a bunny-girl, or a school-girl, everything is in your hands. Some players prefer to create characters that look like them, so this is your chance to imagine yourself as a character of an anime-show. Isn’t it a great idea? Choose everything from face and hair to clothes and accessories.

Bring your character to a story

When you have a character, there is a necessity to make him or her alive, right? The best thing to do so is to bring him or her to a story written by you. And here you will do exactly this. Gacha Life is a game where you create novels, namely anime-stories, writing the dialogues and inventing various situtaions with your heroes. You can make them funny, sad, or mysterious – the choice is yours. After the characters are made, the game will offer you to write a story and you will see the squares on your screen. Each square is a certain situation. Choose the background – the place where story will happen. Then write the “bubbles” – the words of your characters. Take your time to think about the plot! Let it be a real masterpiece, because the next step is publishing your story on the server. The players with enough rating can share their stories with others and evaluate them. Once you get enough score, you will have a chance to communicate and collaborate with other gamers. Have fun!

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