Gacha Life Drawings

Welcome to a very new experience of Gacha Life! You have been playing this game for sure! Well, of course you were, because this is one of the most successful and popular titles of the last time. The secret of its popularity is plain and clear: you have a lot of customization options to create a character, then environment, and then – write a story that will look like an animated visual novel. Behold! You are a real author of the anime cartoon, can you imagine? You can play a lot of parts of Gacha Life on this website, they are all original and classical. However, have you ever heard of the drawing game with the same title? Well, the time has come to find out. If you are a fan of anime and Gacha Life in particular, then you will surely appreciate something new.

So the game is simple. You enter it and get a full pack of amazing pictures that feature various characters created by means of Gacha maker. There you will find all types of heroes – cat-girls, mighty warriors, little witches, bunny-girls, schoolgirls, and more and more. Not only you can take a look at the coolest samples of Gacha characters created with passion and attention (by the way, this might be a great source of inspiration for your further creations). Also, you will be able to draw here! Take the tool for drawing located on the control panel. You will find pencils, pens, brushes, and other instruments there. You can change the character and color them the way you want! This is a perfect option for everyone who likes coloring books. The anime characters are waiting for you touch of creativity, so get into the game and add some brightness to these pages! The images have high resolution and great quality. This means that once you are done with your painting, you can print it out and use a poster for your room! Or you can even give it to one of your friends! Also, you can try printing a black-and-white pic to color it with your hands. Maybe, you have a pack of nice pencils and want to try them out!

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