Gacha Life for Kids

Children like watching cartoons! However, what about creating one? If you are fond of anime series, then the time has come to try yourself as a real creator of a story about cute heroes! We have something special for you here – this is Gacha Life, the most adorable and creative game all kids will surely like. Here you have two main tasks. The first one is to enter a character maker and produce a cool chibi! This means that you need to turn your imagination on and make a character of your dream. Choose everything for him or her to make a super-unique one. Start with the body shape and size, then pick a hairstyle. Do you want your character to be a boy or a girl? What kind of hair would like him/her to wear? Is these pink pony-tails or maybe sticky short hair? Then move to the clothes. Think about the personality of your hero. Is he shy, cute, kind? Or maybe, he is a bit naughty or even crazy? The choice is yours! Make sure that chosen clothes and face traits coincide and underline the personality of you’r hero!

Then you will place your chibi to some environment. The choice is also yours. This can be a school romance, so choose the yard. Or maybe you would like to see him hiking in a forest, looking for some adventures and strange creatures to meet. How about the magical worlds, where only the demons and witches live? You can choose one of the proposed backgrounds and then write the dialogues for your hero. There are also simple side-entertainments in the game, you can play them to receive bonus points. With the help of bonuses, you will open new features and clothes! So play now and create the world you have been dreaming of! This is your perfect chance.

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