Gacha Life Boys And Girls

Some gamers say that playing games is similar to watching movies, only here you are not just a passive observer but an active participant. What about anime stories? If you are fond of them more than you like movies, then the time has come to check the Gacha Life series. We have all existing parts of this game uploaded on our site and what is more – the newest one, which is Gacha Life 4. Welcome to the world of anime, amazing chibi-charcaters, story writing, and communication with other anime fans! Gacha is famous for being a super-creative environment that also allows you to socialize and even find some new friends.

So, before we move to the forth part of the game, let’s remind some of the common elements of all series. The game you are going to play is an anime maker. To be precise, this is a visual novel maker. Here you can create three main elements of the story: characters, environment, and dialogues. The game has various tools, modes, and customization options to let you produce everything that can come to your bright head. The idea is to create a character or several characters, put them on a certain location, and arrange the story for them. The story can be any – you just have to prescribe phrases to the heroes and make them interact in order to move the small plot you are going to outplay. In the fourth part, everything stays similar to the previous ones – you will create the characters again and make them meet. Only now you have more options for creation. The character maker is now expanded and has new features to add. There are also new backgrounds and additional features you should try for sure. In the top of that, the characters now have more poses, gestures, and interaction styles. In a word, this part is a real gift for all fans and you welcome to immerse yourself into the fantastic world of anime again!

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