Gacha Life 3

Can you imagine yourself as a creator of a diverse and bright anime universe? Well, no need to imagine now, because you can become one. Enter Gacha Life, a super-cool anime-styled title where you can become both a character designer and a real narrator. At this page, you will have a chance to try an absolutely new part of the series – the third part of Gacha Life. And be sure that this offer is pretty exclusive – you will hardly find this game anywhere else. Our attentive website administrators track the new titles and upload them faster than anyone else, so keep updated and stay with us! So, what is waiting for you in the brand new part of amazing anime title? We are happy to inform you! Continue reading and find out.

Let your creativity flow

First of all, you will have to create a character or even a number of characters. They will be the parts of your future stories, so think about the narration while you make them. Who are those guys that will interact in your story? How should they look like? Maybe, you want to write a story about you and your friends, then you will have to choose the hairstyle and accessories that are associated with you and them. To make your story full and complete, think about it beforehand and keep it in mind on all stages of the process. The face expressions matter as well!
The task is to choose every element of a character and make him or her look amazing. With the new options offered by the third part of the game, you will easily do that. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Why don’t you combine some contrasting elements? Remember that the most adorable anime heroes are often very strange! For example, you might create a cute cat-girl with a gigantic sword. Or something like that. Why not? This third part will provide you with more hairstyles, colors, and great accessories, so do your best and let your imagination flow.

Join the community

Just like the previous parts of the game, this one encourages you to become a part of Gacha community. How to do that? Everything is simple. You are expected to create some characters and stories to train yourself before you enter the large scene. These small training sessions will help you to learn how everything works here and maybe you will get some new cool ideas in the process or realize how to improve the ones you already have. You will get points and with time these points will be enough to start communicating with other players.

You can meet and talk to them, showing your emotions with gestures and poses. Also, you can give something to them or accept the gifts from them. Together with other players, you will make new stories that will be even more creative – when you have like-minded co-authors, everything can become unexpectedly cool, right? By the way, not only this new part has more customization options that allow you to add more accessories, different outlooks, and clothes as well as environment for your comic stories. Here you will have an opportunity to put a larger number of characters on the screen and they will interact with each other using the phrases you write! More than ten heroes can become the actors of the story now, so you can create really massive stories in Gacha Life 3. Get into the game and enjoy the new features!

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