Gacha Life 2020

Are you ready to continue your adventures in the world anime where everything is possible? Then jump in, because this is a new game in the Gacha Life series. You are welcome to check this part, where numerous of new options will open for you. Are you ready? Let’s begin. So in the brand new Gacha Life game you will see a full range of new customization options. There are new hairstyles to choose from, endless new costumes and dresses to try on, and numerous new locations for your stories. As in the previous part, you will have to take some time and create your hero. Choose every part of his/her appearance and make him/her look really great and original. Combine and mix different styles and check different variations. At the end, you will get an access to the locations and write a story to see your characters in action.

The new part of the game also has new mini-games to play. Remember, playing them is not only enjoyable, but also useful – the successfully completed levels will bring you with jewelry. These small gems act as money in the game, which means that using them you will buy yourself some new clothes that are not available without gems. The more gems – the more cool outfits you can get. As you can understand, the best clothes are available only for gems, so do your best! Also, this game allows numerous characters on the stage. Now you can arrange a story about 10 different heroes, which is a great option for a really developed anime world. Also, now you will get new options for interactions with other players. For example, you will be able to fight with them! When your character wins a fight, he or she gets more powers and skills.

The new part of Gacha has a level-up progressing gameplay. Now you will open Gacha from the very new angle, because the number of customization options and add-ons is pretty impressive here. Create, interact, and show your amazing stories to other players from the server. Together, you will create new and more lively visual novels! Chances are, that you will make something really interesting together. And of course, you have a chance to boast of your cool clothes and accessories when everyone will see you on the public arena! Good luck and make your Gacha Life perfect!

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